The 6th grade recently visit Mt. Angel Abbey as part of their Roman History block.

6th Grade Field Trip

Their teacher, Ms. Nelson shared her thoughts on the experience:

“In sixth grade we study Roman History, which includes learning the biography of Jesus, the fall of the Roman Empire and the spreading of the Christian/Catholic church across Europe and Medieval Europe.

We visited Mount Angel Abbey to learn a little bit about what a monk does (Father Andrew is a former professional New Zealand Rugby player!) and hear the history of how a Benedictine monk from Engleberg, Switzerland ended up starting the Mount Angel Abbey in Oregon in the late 1800’s.

Most inspiring, though, was the opportunity for the children to explore the library’s rare book collection. ┬áThe children were allowed to take centuries old books off shelves and handle them–we even found an old lock of hair in a worn velvet prayer book! ┬áThere were amazingly beautiful original copies of illuminated writing on real vellum (animal skins) in the collection as well.

Quite an enriching experience held with reverence and awe.”