For families in need of an extended day…

our aftercare program provides a warm, engaging and relaxing environment for students from the end of the school day until 5:30pm. Healthy snacks, plenty of outdoor play and rest time shape the rhythm of the program as an outbreath from the organized activity of the classroom.

The Aftercare fee is applied at a rate of $7/hr. Drop-in aftercare is available space permitting (Grasshopper Grove is full at 30 students). The deadline to sign up for drop-in aftercare is 11am.

To reserve a spot, parents are encouraged to register for the month ahead of time using the monthly Aftercare registration forms available as PDFs below, or in hard copy outside the Main Office.

December 2018 Aftercare Form


Cricket Care

The Early Childhood aftercare program provides a weekly rhythm of opportunities for resting, creative play, nourishment, and active play for children in the Early Childhood programs. After a busy morning of work and play, the children are provided with a quiet space in which to rest, have a snack, play, and work on seasonal crafts – both inside and outside.

Monday – Friday*

1:00 – 5:30 pm

*on most days school is session


Grasshopper Grove

The Grades aftercare program provides children in the Lower School with a space to relax into outdoor free play, guided indoor activities and seasonal crafts, and a story time. A healthy snack is provided and as a group we gather to eat around the table together. Children of different ages spend this relaxing time outdoors and indoors, learning to interact with friends at different stages of social and moral development.


1:30** – 5:30 pm

*on most days school is in session

**1st Grade dismissal