Our students participate in a wealth of after-school activities, including cooperative circus class, middle school sports, and varsity athletics.

PWS Circus Classes

PWS Circus Classes are a fun, creative opportunity for our 4th-6th grade students to develop motor skills while learning introductory level circus skills including stilts, juggling, unicycle, diablo (Chinese yo-yo), balancing, gymnastics, acrobatics, plate spinning, clowning and improvisation! Stay tuned for more information on next year’s offerings!

Middle School Sports

The introduction of competitive sports in the middle school years is an important step in the Waldorf Movement curriculum. Having developed physical skills and confidence playing cooperative games, students are now ready to apply those skills to more traditional competitive sports such as basketball and volleyball. Participating in middle school athletics also gives students a chance to exercise their powers of social grace and sportsmanship as they compete against peers from other local schools. For more information, click on the sport offering below, or contact Athletic Director Justice Rosales. To pay your athletics registration fee online, click here.


High School Athletics

Our High School Athletics program strengthens students’ health and fitness, provides an opportunity to learn discipline, leadership and to function as part of a team. Competition helps to mark individual and team progress and exposes students and our entire school community to other high school students and families within the larger Portland community. For more information, click on the sport offering below, or contact Athletic Director Justice Rosales. To pay your athletics registration fee online, click here.