Saturday, April 6, 2019 | 6pm-10pm


Join us for a special evening, one that is a fundraiser, an honoring of our history, a celebration of our here-and-now and an eager anticipation of the school’s future.  We hope you’ll save the date!

The event will include an online auction, recognition of some very special community members and an acknowledgment of alumni who are out in the world doing wonderful things.

Raise Your Paddle for PWS!


We invite our community to raise their paddles in support of the roots, stems and blossoms of our education.  If you can’t join us at the April 6th event, you are welcome to raise your paddles at home through our online auction.  Click below to explore and support.

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The foundation of a strong school includes a safe space, easeful communication and  modern, secure facilities. Your gift will help bring our buildings and grounds into the 21st century in these areas.


Our tuition program supports diversity and accessibility, keeping our current classes vibrant and healthy. Your gift will augment the school’s ability to meet greater diversity of needs, further enriching our community and helping make this wonderful education a possibility for more families.


Our graduates go forth into the world with initiative, self knowledge and purpose.Our high school students utilize current technology as age-appropriate tools as they engage with the curriculum, apply for college and prepare for their next steps in the world. 

Introducing our Honored Guests

We would like to honor these three foundational faculty

Cyndia Ashkar, Patricia Lynch, Diane Rowley


Alumni Recognition

We would like to recognize these alumni for their achievements

We’re pleased to highlight these three accomplished alumni who are working with “head, heart, and hands” in their respective fields.