Thank you for coming to the Auction!

A huge thank you to everyone who was a part of The Wishing Well! We had a beautiful and successful evening of fun and fundraising for Portland Waldorf School. Stay tuned here or in the Weekly Bulletin for a full report coming soon.

Whether you bid, procured, donated, baked, crafted, staffed, set up, cleaned up, or made any other wonderful contribution for this event — we are all so grateful for your generosity.

Silent auction winnings can be picked up at PWS in the main office, and if you missed the night of but still want to contribute, scroll down to experience our two Wishing Well special appeals and make a gift to either or both.


The Science Lab

“In a Waldorf high school, students get to be real scientists. They watch or conduct experiments without the answer and this forces them to pay closer attention, notice details, ask questions, work collaboratively, make guesses, fail in their guesses, and try again. Our alumni who have gone into science have confirmed that these are hugely important skills in their profession. While awe and magic can be easily spotted in the eyes of students in the early grades, even with the simple opening of a snap dragon, teenagers are naturally harder impress. But the high school science lab is where you again hear gasps of surprise and expressions of “Whoa! Check it out!” from the inspired students.” –Shanti McCarter, Interim School Chair

Renovating the high school science lab is a top priority for our school. This project is an exciting opportunity to build resources to support our curriculum and offer an inspiring, rigorously academic science program at Portland Waldorf High School, including biology, anatomy, chemistry, physics, zoology, and environmental education. Your tax-deductible donation will help fund not only the construction costs of this state-of-the-art renovation, but will also go toward the purchase of much-needed lab equipment. Please consider making a generous donation to this project, and help make this long-held vision a reality!


Tuition Assistance

“I believe that Waldorf education is a gift to the world. Our teachers create this gift every day and you parents make this gift possible through your generosity of tuition, volunteering and loving all the children in this school. Imagine how much healthier our world would be if all children could have their imaginations ignited by storytelling, their hearts lightened by playing music together, their souls given depth by painting, carving and acting, and their bodies given health by moving and being in nature.

“Tuition assistance makes this magical education available to more children in the world.

“Please join me in raising your paddle to share Waldorf education with as many children as we can. Thank you.”

–Shanti McCarter, Interim School Chair

We are so grateful to our 2018 Event Sponsors!