Click through the photos and videos in the slideshow below for a glimpse of the PWS distance learning curriculum, and to catch up with our students and teachers beyond the classroom.

A Glimpse into Distance Learning at Portland Waldorf School

Making Sunflower Nursery bread at home.

Making Sunflower Nursery bread at home.

Early Childhood delivers to doorsteps.

Early Childhood delivers to doorsteps.

Mr. Palmer teaches a May Day flute song to his first graders.

(click play to view video)

Grade 2 has been creating beautiful projects inspired by listening to stories of St. Francis.

Grade 2 has been creating beautiful projects inspired by listening to stories of St. Francis.

Cat tail partially covers school work in process

Distance learning comes with unusual distractions.

Children making challah at home

Grade 3 made challah every Friday at school.

Ms. Hibbard shared the recipe with her families, and now many of them are making challah every Friday at home!

Woven baskets and clay sculpting projects

Grade 4 students received rushes on their doorsteps and are weaving baskets for LivingLAB class.

As part of a Main Lesson block they’re also sculpting with clay.

Apple blossom drawing and photo of bee swarm

Grade 5 students are studying plants and pollinators

and recently learned of a swarm of bees at school that LivingLAB teacher, Ms. Harrison and our beekeeper, Onyx, then moved into the empty hive!

drawings from Roman history main lesson book

Grade 6 Main Lesson work is currently focused on Roman History.

Herr Lane is teaching German with helpful friends.

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Ms. Nelson’s Grade 7 is in the Age of Exploration.

(Click play to view this video, which stars Ms. Nelson as explorer Ernest Shackleton!)

Zoom meeting and outdoor reading

Grade 8 has converted their class play to a radio show

and they meet on Zoom to rehearse. Assigned reading is independent and a little more individual.

Seed packets beside a sewing machine

Ms. Harrison sent out seed packets to Grade 9 for at home Farm Week.

Painted portrait of a young main, and pencil drawing of a converse shoe

Artistic work from high school students is submitted via PWSConnect.

Mx. Blanchard prepares lessons at a makeshift desk made of a package of toilet paper

Preparing lessons (and moving apartments!) in a pandemic.

Self portraits of a two high school seniors

Senior Portraits will debut on May 12!

Blossoming cherry trees and jars of honey

The PWS campus is still gifting all its glories and awaits your return.