This week in LivingLAB we have two things to celebrate: a healthy beehive and an abundance of squash:


A Healthy Beehive


Beehive at PWS



Our beekeeper, Brian Lacy, came to check on the beehive with 5th graders during their LivingLAB activity time last week. The students got to taste propolis – a resinous substance collected from tree buds that bees use to seal their hive. As the class learned about the activity of the bees in the observation hive, we got confirmation that our colony is strong going into winter this year.



Celebrating Squash!



LIvingLAB Squash



4th graders are baking pie in the barrel oven this week to celebrate the abundant harvest from the 3 Sisters Garden this fall. 4th graders tend to the 3 Sisters Garden as they learn about Native American traditions and culture. Corn, beans and squash have been a staple crop for people across the Americas for millennia. Corn is as important to many cultures as salmon is important to people indigenous to the Pacific Northwest, and when planted with beans and squash, the crops support each other’s growth as well as compliment each other nutritionally.