Our athletes, out in the world

The Waldorf high school curriculum encourages students to explore the world outside the familiar environs of school and campus through internships, foreign exchange, service learning, and also through our sports program. Every visit to another school’s gym or field is an introduction to a new community, after all. This week, we are celebrating those of our athletes who have ventured abroad to pursue their passions and interests.


Robby skateboardingSenior Robby Mottern began to skateboard well before he began attending school, and has now become so skilled at carving concrete that he is sponsored by Cal Skate, a west coast. skateboard company, and featured in Thrasher Magazine. Says HS teacher Sarah Rem, “Skating is in Robby’s blood. He’s fallen, been injured, and has the scars of dedication to prove it. He still won’t stop! I think it’s taught him how to take a fall, and get back up again.” A tremendous life skill. With his reputation in the skating community and his warm and friendly personality, Robby has been able to connect with fellow skaters around the globe. As he approaches the end of high school, he is ready to imagine how to weave what he loves to do and does so well into a future career.


Piet and CaidanPiet Fretz and Caidan Speth-McCrary are longtime co-conspirators when it comes to initiating new pursuits and exploring extra-curricular frontiers. They have partly instigated chess and Magic clubs, and are perhaps best known for helping to start the high school’s Model United Nations club and lead it to the Model UN conference in Eugene. Not incidentally, Model UN has become the most successful club in the school.

So it’s not exactly a surprise to learn that Caidan and Piet have also taken up the less well known racket sport of squash. Squash courts are typically found in college gyms and racket clubs, and squash players are known for their fierce competitiveness. Caidan and Piet discovered the sport in their Junior year. Piet playing squashHS teacher Mr. Zinn recalls how he first became aware of their interest. “I was coming out of the Reed College gym after playing basketball, and to my surprise at the entrance I ran into these two fine PWS scholars hoping to check out the newly refurbished squash courts. (They had apparently finished their assigned research in the Reed library!)”. For the last year and more, the pair have played competitively in different athletic clubs around Portland in the Portland City Squash League. They enjoy playing squash for its own sake but also treasure the opportunity it’s given them to meet people from different communities around the city who share a common interest. Both Piet and Caidan feel that they have found a sport that engages them physically and socially and that they intend to keep playing throughout their lives.

Ke’ali McCarter is a PWHS senior with an interest in journalism; he developed this Class of 2020 blog series as a part of his internship with the Admissions Office and with the high school faculty. Much thanks to Christopher Zinn and Sarah Rem for their contributions!