The movement curriculum at PWHS is plentiful and diverse and one in which the active Class of 2020 has particularly shined. Over their four years of high school, 80% of the students played a traditional sport such as basketball, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, cross country or track & field. Many have also broadened their scope, trying out skateboarding, squash, dance, and more. Enjoy these highlights of two of our seniors who have explored the wide range of movement-based extracurricular activities at PWHS and beyond.

blog_senior-erin-vballErin Silverman has been a strong dual sport varsity athlete, competing in both basketball and volleyball. Erin began playing basketball in her sophomore year and immediately became a crucial post player on the team. Additionally, she has been a leader for the volleyball program after returning to the sport in her junior year. Along with captaining the varsity squad, she also assisted with coaching the middle school volleyball team. Outside of school, Erin played for Northwest Elite, a club volleyball team that travels to compete in regional tournaments in Washington, Idaho and Nevada. Taking this club experience and bringing it to the Wolfpack program has bettered both high school and middle school teams immensely. Says PWS Athletic Director Justice Rosales, “Erin has been the smile, the backbone and the soul behind so much Wolfpack inspiration. She is a truly incredible spirit that has made a lifelong impact on PWS, and will always be remembered for her enthusiasm, hard work, and dedication to the Wolfpack community.”

Joey playing basketballJoey Renzema has an affinity for sports that is unmatched. Throughout his time at Waldorf, Joey participated in every sport the school has offered, along with baseball. Throughout high school, he has particularly excelled at basketball and was a key player on the varsity team. Joey has also been a leader on the Ultimate Frisbee team; in his sophomore year, he helped lead the Oregon Under 17 Team to a second place finish in the National Championships. “He shows up early to help set up, stays late to clean up, and simply has an unwavering commitment to the blue and gold,” says Justice Rosales, PWS Athletic Coach. “There is no one that embodies and takes more pride in being a part of the Wolfpack than Joey. He is a competitor, a leader, and an inspiration to both his peers and the younger students within the Wolfpack family.”

Ke’ali McCarter is a PWHS senior with an interest in journalism; he developed this Class of 2020 blog series as a part of his internship with the Admissions Office.