This spring, the class of 2020 begins to reflect on their time in high school while also looking ahead to the future. Some seniors identified their first-choice school early in fall. For Alden Baartz- Bowman, Kai Givens and Riley Layton, applying and committing to their preferred school in the early admissions process gave them the security of knowing where they will be continuing their education. And much to look forward to! 

Alden Baartz-BowmanAlden Baartz-Bowman will be attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, AZ. Alden will be continuing his work from his Senior Project, which focused on the process of learning to fly and getting a pilot’s license. He plans to use his adept skill and love of flight to complete his pilot’s degree at one of the top flight schools in the United States. Alden looks forward to the small class sizes and overall good atmosphere that the school provides – two things he appreciates about his experience at Waldorf.

Kai GivensKai Givens will be attending Colorado College in Colorado Springs, CO. Kai was chosen as a QuestBridge finalist in a program that matches the nation’s most exceptional students with different colleges and universities. As a result of this honor, she was awarded a $60,000 scholarship. Kai looks forward to the outdoor environment and block system of education, which is quite similar to Waldorf. Kai will be deferring admission and taking a bridge year to intern and volunteer before going back to school in the fall of 2021.

Riley LaytonRiley Layton will be attending Bryn Mawr College, a small liberal arts school outside of Philadelphia, PA. She looks forward to the college’s stimulating environment, one that is fostered by small class size, active discussion and a close connection between student and teacher. Riley also looks forward to participating in Bryn Mawr’s community engagement programs, including local volunteerism, internships and an international exchange program – all activities that she enjoyed at PWHS. Riley has been awarded a $48,000 merit scholarship and will be joining Bryn Mawr in the fall of 2021, after taking a bridge year that will (hopefully!) include travel to Australia and Bhutan. 


Ke’ali McCarter is a PWHS senior with an interest in journalism; Ke’ali developed this Class of 2020 blog series as a part of his internship with the Admissions Office.