This coming Saturday, January 27, we are hosting our annual All School Open House from 10am to noon. Our classrooms will be open and filled with examples of our students’ beautiful work. Student musicians will fill the halls with the sounds of their talent and hard work. Teachers, parents, and students will be nearby to answer questions, give tours, and share experiences.

And our brilliant faculty have worked together this year to create another set of insightful and inspiring presentations about Waldorf curriculum. This year will feature:


The Science and Power of Imaginative Play
10:30am, in the Rose Kindergarten

Join Early Childhood teacher Shay Roselip and High School Humanities teacher Bec Blanchard as they draw connections between the cultivation of imagination and play in the Waldorf early childhood classrooms and well-developed critical thinking skills in high school years and beyond.


We Are All Heroes of our Own Stories:  Myth and Literature in the Waldorf School
11am, in the 4th Grade Classroom

Join Elizabeth Webber, Lower School class teacher and Christopher Zinn, High School Humanities teacher, to explore one aspect of how literature and humanities are brought in the Waldorf School. We will consider the concepts of willing, feeling, and thinking, and discuss how myth and archetype is brought to students in a developmentally appropriate way — from early childhood through Grade 12. Discover how Waldorf students learn and experience myth and story throughout their education and how this challenges them to create meaning for themselves and become the heroes of their own destinies.


The Circle: The Intersection of Art and Mathematics in Waldorf Education
11:30, in the 3rd Grade Classroom

In this session, participants will get hands-on experience exploring the archetypal form of the circle. How does this figure feel? What qualities does it hold? How is the circle approached in the lower grades, and how does this approach change as students move into the middle school? Join Bene Foley, Grade 3 Class teacher, and Jeremy Bates, Middle School and High School Math teacher for collaborative demonstration and discussion.