We are all in!

This year’s Annual Support Campaign is a celebration of our power as a unified community, with a goal of 100% participation across current families, faculty and board.

It also honors the 100% that our faculty give to our students each day, and each year. Your contribution is an emblem of your commitment to Waldorf education and PWS; it also honors the amazing and dedicated teachers who help shape our children’s lives.

$100,000 Matching Gift!

On Giving Tuesday, Portland Waldorf School was gifted a wonderful opportunity by an extremely generous donor – to receive up to $100,000 in matching funds toward our Annual Support Campaign! This gift is not based on the size of donations, but rather celebrates participation in building our community’s future together.

100% Participation from Grade 2 Families!


We are so pleased to share that 100% of families in our Grade 2 class have pledged or donated to the Annual Support Campaign! Their howling wolves now graces the board by our front entrance.

The partnership between parents and teachers at our school is something that we value deeply in our community and we are ever grateful for the dedication our PWS parents.

Thank you Grade 2 for also giving 100% to our Annual Support Campaign and being All In for PWS!

What is the Annual Support Campaign?

What does it fund?

The Annual Support Campaign is the single most important fundraising effort for PWS each year. Your contribution helps to close the gap in funding between tuition revenue and the ever-increasing cost to operate our school—from faculty and staff salaries and professional development, to tuition assistance, to facilities maintenance and improvements. We ask for the support of everyone in our community—current parents, faculty, staff, trustees, alumni, alumni parents and friends of the School.


Why is it important  for everyone to give?
Strong participation in the Annual Support Campaign from our current parents makes a compelling case for others to give. It demonstrates a unified and involved community, and encourages support from our extended community. It also helps with being selected as a recipient of grant awards, and in attracting larger donors and sponsors who like to see a culture of giving in an organization.


If tuition doesn’t cover operating expenses, why not raise tuition?

Raising tuition to cover annual operating expenses would require a dramatic increase that would limit the number of qualified applicants who could afford to attend. The Annual Support Campaign covers roughly 2.5% of operating costs for the current school year.


What is the average gift amount contributed to the Annual Support Campaign by current parents?

Historically, the average gift has been around $200 and has ranged between $10 and $25,000. Gifts of all sizes are greatly appreciated.


I have more than one child in the school. Do I have to make a gift for each child in order to receive the participation credit for all of their classes?

We are very grateful to receive one gift per family! All of the classes represented in your household are credited with your gift.


How do I make my gift?

The quickest way is to make a secure gift online at www.portlandwaldorf.org/giving. You can also make your donation by cash or check, and bring to the Front Office.


When is the deadline?

While our official campaign ends December 31, in order to concentrate our energy and momentum into a defined period, and to maximize donors’ year-end tax benefits, all donations made to PWS by June 30 are directed to the 2018-19 year.


Can my gift be matched by my company?

Contact your employer’s Human Resources office to see if your company matches charitable donations. You may be able to double or even triple your gift!


Is my gift eligible for tax credit?

Yes. All gifts are acknowledged with a letter issued by the school, verifying that you have made a contribution.


Why 100%?

Seeing PWS as “our school” is an important step toward growing into our next phase. Believing that we can set aside personal differences in joint support of a common cause is essential for PWS to thrive well into the next 100 years of Waldorf Education. Fractured, we accomplish little. Together, we can do mighty things! This 100% participation goal is a step toward healing and solidifying our community, and a step toward preparing us to tackle bigger plans!


I heard someone made a large gift to the school; aren’t we covered then?

This year, an anonymous donor has pledged $1,000 for every percentage point of parent participation, up to $100,000. This generous gift serves as an amazing incentive for all, and ensures that each donation, no matter how small, is multiplied in its impact on the school. The value of this gift cannot be underestimated. However, since our goal is for full unity, we still have work to do!


Can I donate anonymously?
Of course, individuals may donate in any way that is comfortable for them. It is also possible to ask that your name not appear in our annual report and other publications. However, truly anonymous gifts cannot be counted toward PWS’s 100% goal.


Can I donate on behalf of someone else in my child’s class?

Donating on behalf of another family is usually suggested as a way to relieve the financial pressure on a family with less means. However, since PWS’s goal this year is for full participation, rather than a monetary goal, stepping in for someone else does not help us reach our target. Truly, any amount is appreciated, and represents one’s personal stake in the future of our school. It’s about being “all in”!



“Our two granddaughters, in 5th and 7th grades, are loving learning as the world opens up for them through the thoughtful and caring guidance of both their class teachers and their special subject teachers.

It is clear that the teachers put great time and effort into bringing lessons that inspire the students to greater curiosity and to making their learning their own.  We are so grateful!”

Rebecca Soloway

PWS Grandparent


“I am grateful for our very amazing, holistic, wise and innovative K-12 Waldorf curriculum.

Although my children are now alumni of our school (graduating high school in 2012 and 2016), whenever I get the chance to talk with them I am reminded of the capacities and gifts that they carry with them, in large part due to the enormous work of their class teachers (Lisa Masterson and Jim Conlon) and their high school teachers, including all the specialty teachers in grades and high school who brought the “rounding out” and fullness to their educations, of which they are both aware of and appreciative.

As a parent and colleague I am also so grateful for the well-over 100% that our teachers gave to my children.”

Nina Churchill

PWS Teacher and Board Member


“I am especially grateful for the education my children, now 24 and 21 years-old, acquired in the High School. Each developed a keen and unique capacity to observe, to test their hypotheses, and to implement innovative approaches to complex problems, all with curiosity, warmth and earnest enthusiasm.

While some children are fortunate enough to have enjoyed a K – 8 Waldorf education and are far better off for it, I will forever be grateful to the teachers and staff of PWS for their dedication to ensuring that my children were able to complete the full journey through High School.

The rewards continue to build beyond their time here: developmentally-appropriate and pedagogically-comprehensive well beyond the best conventional standards, a Waldorf high school education is ideally-suited to prepare adolescents for our troubled times and uncertain future. I know that the curriculum, delivered by our gifted teachers, helped my children mature into the young adults they are, each prepared to do what they can to support humanity in meeting our present and upcoming challenges.”

Jeff Rice

PWS Alumni Parent and Board Member


“I have loved being a Portland Waldorf School grandma all these years.  I appreciate the attention to detail. I love that small things are important. And of course, I have loved that the intergenerational family is honored and welcomed.”

Isabella Beaton

PWS Grandparent


“What I admire most about the Waldorf education is its holistic approach to life. Waldorf takes into account the whole beingness of each child and teaches life principles and human values that are common to all people, such as compassion and truthfulness. The curriculum encompasses important aspects.of history and asks each child to do in depth studies and projects that are relevant to them.

It is a place where each person’s unique talents are valued and celebrated and where diversity is known as a strength.”

Billie Blain

PWS Grandparent


“I’m incredibly grateful for PWS for working so hard to nurture the capacity for independent thinking, empathy, and right action in our children in a world that feels increasingly broken. Being on the board gives me a way (as an alumni parent) to support this work and contribute to the community.”

Maya Muir

PWS Board Chair


“It is a school that feels rooted in it’s history, yet stretching to innovate and evolve, not afraid to adapt to a changing world and announce itself.”

Jamie Quirk

PWS School Chair


“Since joining PWS our daughter has grown in confidence, solidified by the love and friendships of the children in her class. She is praised for her strengths, encouraged and supported in her challenges. There is always respect and faith she will come through her struggles. This is a completely different perspective than we were receiving before, and we have a hard time explaining how much that has changed our experience with her at home.

It is often said that it takes a village, and I’m thankful for ours. My schedule may not allow me the daily pickup/drop off, but there is a comfort in knowing she is going to a loving space, filled with people I know will return her smile, hug her when she needs it, and cheer for her small victories.

I feel our children have a unique experience of being more like siblings than classmates during their PWS time, moving together through the grades as well as life changes and challenges together.  The children in her class children comfort, challenge, and shape her daily. I feel grateful for all the time, intention, and love that make this an amazing community.

In this spirit, we have heard the call and given to a school that has given us so much that can’t be calculated with a dollar sign.”

Nicole Borden

PWS Parent

100% Participation from our Grades and EC Lead Teachers!


We are so pleased to share that 100% of both our Grades Class Teachers and Early Childhood Lead Teachers have pledged or donated to the Annual Support Campaign! Their howling wolves now graces the board by our front entrance.

Our teachers give 100% to their students every day, and we are ever grateful for their work at our school.

Thank you teachers for also giving 100% to our Annual Support Campaign and being All In for PWS!


There are a number of ways to give…

Online: To make a credit card gift online over a secure browser, please click the button above.

By Check: Writing a personal check is a simple way to make a gift. Checks should be made out to Portland Waldorf School and mailed to:

Portland Waldorf School
2300 SE Harrison St
Milwaukie, OR 97222

Matching Gifts: Many employers match their employees’ charitable gifts to organizations. This is a wonderful way to double or even triple the size of your gift to PWS. For additional details about your employer’s matching gift program benefits and restrictions, it is often best to ask your human resources office.

Gifts of Stock: Some donors make gifts in the form of appreciated marketable securities. This is a simple and attractive method of giving because of the substantial tax advantages.

However you choose to give, we are so grateful! Thank you!

Portland Waldorf School is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Gifts to PWS are deductible for income tax purposes to the full extent of the law.