Today the Grade 12 visited our Grade 1 class bringing stories and good cheer.


Each 12th grader shared with the 1st graders some memories of their time in first grade: stories their teachers told, a cozy rug that they would sit on, colorful block crayons, presents that 8th grade buddies gave to them, a song they remember singing.

The 1st graders listened quietly, sometimes nodding when they recognized something that they are doing now.

Then they gave each 1st grader a small gift wrapped in a thin red ribbon with a card reading “Welcome to your Waldorf Journey!  Love, The Class of 2019.”

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The 1st graders then had a chance to ask the 12th graders questions.  Hands immediately went up.


“How many years have you been in school?”

“Did you know that I’m seven?”

“In Spanish class I have the same name as you.”

When it was time to say goodbye, the 1st graders all sang together, “Goodbye and thank you Grade 12.”

The 12th graders looked at each other with smiles on their faces and together they sang back, “Goodbye and thank you Grade 1.”

How lucky we are to have the full preschool through high school Waldorf journey here at our school!  A thank you to our seniors for sharing a bit of their journey with our 1st graders, and we look forward to watching these 1st graders learn and grow here for the next 11 years!