LivingLAB is reflecting on the goals that were set last year by students that ran audits for our Green School certification. In order to uphold our Green School status, we need to make progress in the following areas:

Waste reduction:

  1. Create a system for collecting non-curbside plastics to take to Far West Recycling center.
  2. Create a way to use non-disposable products for hot lunches served at school.
  3. Collect paper towels and pencil shavings to use as “burnables” for the new wood-fired oven.
  4. Make clear signs to accompany the bins that generate the most contamination.
  5. Laminate our late slips in order to reduce paper waste.

Water conservation:

  1. Build a rainwater catchment system at Walnut Hill that can inspire larger-scale work on campus.
  2. Repair faucets and post signs near tricky water knobs to remind users to turn the water off completely.
  3. Utilize our spring for annual garden irrigation

Energy conservation:

  1. Raise awareness about energy usage and conservation at our school
  2. Post reminders near appliances and light switches
  3. Set up systems for checking the status of electronics at the end of each day

Increase diversity in our community:

  1. Gather more accurate demographic data about families upon enrollment
  2. Initiate trainings and conversations about diversity, equity, privilege and inclusion
  3. Invite caucus work in order to generate ideas for action steps we can take to become a more diverse community

Many of these projects are already underway as classes are integrating LivingLAB into their curriculum.  Please let us know if you can offer your service to any of these projects:  “Being Green” takes consistent community effort!


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