PWHS students spend four years immersed in a richly integrated academic, artistic, and social education. Guided by expert teachers, Waldorf high schoolers explore the sciences, arts, and humanities through experiential projects, language study and foreign exchange opportunities, and environmental and sustainability education.

9th Grade: Anatomy, Organic Chemistry, Thermodynamics, Geology

10th Grade: Mechanics, Acids & Bases, Meteorology, Physiology

11th Grade: Astronomy, Electricity & Magnetism, Botany, Chemistry

12th Grade: Zoology, Biochemistry, Optics, Science Elective (topics in Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

PWHS offers an innovative math program that focuses on strong understanding of concepts and allows students to move at their own pace (with regard given to meeting the graduation requirement of three credits), while also gaining 21st century skills such as problem solving, resource utilization, collaboration, independent thinking and persistence.  It is possible to complete more than four credits of math in this program.
Ninth graders enter one of two math groups: one starting with Algebra 1 and being coached into how to work in the self-paced program; the other starting with Geometry in the self-paced program. Both groups will be using the self-paced program by the start of 10th grade.
The curriculum includes additional, rich math courses that are not part of math in other schools. These courses strengthen logic, distinct application, different forms of abstract thinking, and broaden a student’s understanding of what math is. Examples include Projective Geometry and Mathematical Thinking in Ancient Civilization.

9th Grade: US Colonialism & US Revolution, World History through Revolutions, World History through Art

10th Grade: Africa, Ancient History, US History, Civics

11th Grade: Rome & the Middle Ages, The Age of Discovery, The Middle East, Music History

12th Grade: The Global Economy, History of Architecture, America in the Modern World


9th Grade: Comedy & Tragedy, Grammar, Short Stories, Biography, Literature of the Pacific Rim

10th Grade: The Odyssey, American Literature, Poetry, Creation Stories

11th Grade: Parzival, Romantic Poetry, Dante and the Romantics, Cultural Identities, Shakespeare

12th Grade: Transcendentalism, Russian Literature, Senior Essay


All Four Years: Music (choice of Choir, Orchestra, Guitar, African Drumming)

9th Grade: Basketry, Coppersmithing, Fine Arts

10th Grade: Spinning & Weaving, Woodworking & Marquetry, Fine Arts

11th Grade: Blacksmithing, Book Arts, Fine Arts

12th Grade: Painting, Sculpture, Book Arts, Fiber Arts, Auto Mechanics

Health & Wellness, College & Career, Internships

All Four Years: Health & Wellness Skills

11th grade: ACT preparation, Internship Elective, College & Career Counseling

12th Grade: Senior Project, Apprenticeships Elective, Internship Elective, College & Career Counseling

College & Career Success: PWHS prepares its graduates for a wide variety of prestigious colleges and rewarding careers. Click for a sampling of PWHS college acceptances, and read our High School Newsletter for alumni stories.


9th Grade: Typing, Word Processing, File Sharing

10th Grade: Photo Manipulation, Spreadsheets & Graphing, Publishing Software, Website Design & Coding

11th/12th Grade Elective: Computer & Robotics Lab, Game Creation, Basic Circuits, Circuit Boards

Foreign Language
Spanish, German
Outdoor Education

9th Grade 

10th Grade:

  • Outdoor Week: Camping, Tracking, Plant Identification

11th Grade:

  • Outdoor Week: Backpacking, Sustainable Practices
  • LivingLAB Elective

12th Grade:

  • Outdoor Week: Retreat & 48-Hour Solo Sit
  • LivingLAB Elective
Honors Curriculum
Unlike AP and IB classes which usually have a set curriculum preparing students for the big test, PWHS Honors curriculum allows Honors level work and credit to be made available in any course through an agreement between the student and teacher. Teachers encourage students to be curious and look for ways to challenge themselves and connect their personal interests to the curriculum. In any given class, students who are performing well with the regular curriculum can gain Honors by doing extra research in addition to the regular expectations of the class. They then work with the teacher to design a unique essay topic, presentation or tangible product that demonstrates what they’ve learned. This added work results in the course becoming an Honors course and provides a bump in the student’s GPA.
Drama & Movement
All Four Years: Drama (including games, skits & monologues, theatrical production), Eurythmy, Physical Education
Extracurricular Activities

AthleticsCross Country, Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, Basketball, Track & Field, or other sports through our OSAA membership

Leadership Opportunities: Student Council, Student Ambassador Program

Clubs (vary based on student interest): Speech and Debate, Jazz Band, Culture Club, Bowling, Yearbook, Chess Club, Literature Club, Math Club, Film Club

After high school, graduates go on to a wide variety of prestigious colleges and rewarding careers, pursuing such varied topics as: biological anthropology, teaching, neuroscience & technology, social science, political science, hospitality, chiropractic care, chemistry, writing, film, biology, music, organic farming, grant writing, art, wilderness education, architecture, community organizing, interior design, Peace Corps volunteerism, communications, clothing design, and more.


Shadow a Student
Discover a day in the life of a PWHS student – a chance to explore our curriculum and school culture from within. For prospective students in Grade 8 or above.

RSVP: Malia Winn

For more opportunities to learn about PWHS in person, check out How to Visit



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For international students interested in attending PWHS for a year or more, click to learn more about our International Student Program.

High School News

Grade 12 Visits Grade 1

Today the Grade 12 visited our Grade 1 class bringing stories and good cheer. Each 12th grader shared with the 1st graders some memories of their time in first grade: stories their teachers told, a cozy rug that they would sit on, colorful block crayons, presents that...

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High School Foreign Exchange Program

The high school foreign exchange program provides students with the opportunity to explore another language and culture while maintaining the Waldorf school community.  Students to travel to their selected country and stay with a host family, attending school while...

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October in the LivingLAB

Grade 5 Plant Drawings for Botany 5th graders are starting a botany block and during their LivingLAB class time they chose a plant in the Flower and Dye Garden that they wanted to learn more about. They observed the plants carefully, and did detailed drawings...

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2018 Graduates Head to First Choice Schools

Receive the child with reverence, educate them in love, send them forth in freedom. –Rudolf Steiner The twenty-six members of the Portland Waldorf School Class of 2018 are a formidable group. At their graduation ceremony this past weekend, their teachers had the...

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PWHS Delegation Attends Model UN Conference

For the first time PWHS was represented at the Model United Nations – Oregon’s oldest youth organization – on the University of Oregon and Northwest Christian University’s campus in Eugene this year. From Thursday, April 12 until Saturday, April 14, approximately...

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PWHS Class of 2022 Scholarship Recipients

Every year, Portland Waldorf High School selects two rising 9th grade students for a merit-based scholarship, which will cover half of each student’s tuition for four years! This year’s scholarship applicants were asked to demonstrate a balance of...

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