This week 1st, 2nd and 5th grade mulched garden beds – a great way to keep busy and warm while working outdoors when the temperatures drop.

Thanks to Karen Gill (Grade 2 mom) for sharing this quote from Mary Oliver’s “Upstream”: It so beautifully captures the essence of the work of LivingLAB:


“Teach the children….  Show them daisies and the pale hepatica.  Teach them the taste of sassafras and wintergreen. The lives of the blue sailors, mallow, sun bursts, the moccasin flowers. And the frisky ones- inkberry, lamb’s quarters, blueberry.  And the aromatic ones- rosemary, oregano.  Give them peppermint to put in their pockets as they go to school.  Give them the fields and the woods and the possibility of the world salvaged from the lords of profit. Stand them in the stream, head them upstream, rejoice as they learn to love this green space they live in, it’s sticks and leaves, and then the silent, beautiful blossoms. 


Attention is the beginning of Devotion”