NasturtiumPlant of the Week: Nasturtium
Nasturtium (Tropaeolum) are growing in multiple locations on campus. These cheery, edible flowers are deliciously spicy and taste wonderful in salads. They make a lovely companion plant because they also deter pests in the garden. Enjoy a nibble when you find one!

Sustainability Challenge of the Month: Reuse, Repair and Repurpose
The end of the school year marks a time of transition resulting in the inevitable school items that may be outgrown. Take some time to go through such items, give them some “TLC” and pass them along to others who will make use of them.

What’s Happening on Campus? “River of Life” Food Forest Project
A group of 10th graders are designing a perennial food forest of native edible plants in memory of Dasan Marshall, PWS alumni who passed away in January 2015. Working in close collaboration with Dasan’s parents and some close friends, the design is carefully coming together and the garden will be installed in several phases. This garden will be located north of the courtyard (along the stream) and will be “adopted” by next year’s Grade 5 for the remainder of their lower school journey. To read a recent Oregonian article about food forests, click the following link:

Tuesday Living Lab
Join the Living Lab Tuesday mornings after drop off (8:30) for work on the land. We would love to have you join in to help out with the many Living Lab projects that are in progress between now and the end of the year.


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