In honor of National Poetry Month, we are happy to share poems written by parents, students, teachers, alumni, and other beloved community members. We thank them for celebrating with us. If you have a poem to share, please get in touch!


These poems follow the Fibonacci number sequence of 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 in their line syllable count. Each number is the sum of the two preceding numbers in an unlimited series. These numbers are the most common sets found throughout nature – there are 55 or 89 petals on a sunflower; both are Fibonacci numbers. Leonardo Fibonacci was an Italian mathematician during the 13th century.

1   blue
1   pink
2   purple
3   and yellow;
5   how wise of nature
 to choose these colors for the spring


a winter
wonderland in spring
pink snow flakes swirling in the air


black ants climb
over peonies;
tickling open their tight spring buds


Walter O. Beaton is a poet, artist and Waldorf grandparent. He began writing poetry on the train from NYC to PDX to visit his two granddaughters.