In honor of National Poetry Month, we are happy to share poems written by parents, students, teachers, alumni, and other beloved community members. We thank them for celebrating with us. If you have a poem to share, please get in touch!


The first dusting of
Rests on the Sunflower
The Sun whispers softly
“Wake gently my children
For you are the first
To arrive”


Tawnie Jones is a PWS parent in the Sunflower Nursery. She was a pediatric and NICU nurse from 2006-2017 and feels blessed to have this opportunity to stay at home with her son while he is young. In Tawnie’s words: “This was inspired by my son’s teacher. It came to me on a cold winter’s evening as I rocked my son to sleep. Ms. Kristin’s warmth and kindness overflows to those around her. She has a smile that lights up the children’s hearts. The Sunflower class has been blessed to have her as a teacher.”