Our curriculum is a journey from Parent/Child classes through 12th Grade.

Early Childhood

The young child is held in reverence by loving teachers and parents and allowed to explore the beauty that surrounds them, planting the seeds of imagination, creativity, and confidence.

Lower School

In Lower School, the class teacher carries students through Grades 1-8, developing a close relationship with not only each child but the class as a social organism.

High School

In High School, students meet expert teachers in humanities, sciences and the arts. While working through the ardors of adolescence, students find a love for truth as well as for the community of students both of their age and in earlier developmental stages.

Living Lab

The Living Lab is a program that engages the community in developing our 7.5 acre campus into an expression of the school’s curriculum. Through projects that facilitate intentional relationships with each of the four elements (earth, air, fire and water), the campus “laboratory” becomes a living extension of the school’s values mirrored back to the community from the land itself – as well as the infrastructure upon it.



Our students participate in a wealth of after-school activities, including cooperative circus class, middle school sports, and varsity athletics.




For families in need of an extended day, our aftercare program provides a warm, engaging and relaxing environment for students from the end of the school day until 5:30pm.




Fun and creative extracurricular opportunities for our students throughout the school year.