?PWS students Tadan Baartz-Bowman, Dominic Burkhart, Adeline Averill, and Alden Baartz-Bowman took the stage at the Newmark Theater last night, joining professional musicians to play with the national touring performance of “In My Life – A Musical Tribute to the Beatles”, a performance that tells the story of the band through the eyes of its manager, and casts tribute musicians as the members. While on tour, the show often picks up local musicians to accompany the tracks, but our PWS quartet are the tour’s youngest guest musicians yet!


KPTV – FOX 12 More Good Day Oregon highlighted their accomplishment in a segment that aired the morning of the show – Monday, October 10. Check it out!


About one month ago, the booking agent for the show reached out to music teacher Corey Averill. “We sent in an audition in-my-life-with-bandrecording of the group and they were asked to accompany the band,” Corey writes. “It is my understanding that they tour around the country and provide young musicians the opportunity to play along side these professional musicians. It is a wonderful opportunity for young dedicated musicians to perform live and on stage.”

And listen to their accompaniment of “Yesterday” on the tribute band’s Facebook page.

(Photos|Michelle Averill)