You may have noticed that non-curbside plastics are no longer being accepted at some of the usual locations (such as New Seasons and Far West Fibers). This is because China has stopped importing US plastics due to an unreasonable amount of contamination mixed in with the recycling. There are still some avenues for recycling certain items, such as plastic film, through companies such as Trex, a US company that makes recycled plastic lumber.

Beginning Nov 15 (“America Recycles Day”), Trex is hosting a school recycling challenge. There will be new bins around PWS for plastic film, including (clean!) grocery bags, bread bags, cereal bags, newspaper sleeves, ziplock bags, produce bags and bubble wrap! Each month our recycling will be weighed and taken to a local distribution center. Winners will be announced on Earth Day. Please email if you would like to volunteer with this effort. We are happy to provide this service to our community, and also to the environment!

Dipping Candles for Spiral of Lights
The High School LivingLAB elective students are starting a candle dipping project in preparation for the Spiral of Lights. We are collecting 100% beeswax for this project, and are asking that if anyone has any extra beeswax at home (such as the ends of burned candles), to please bring it to school for this purpose. All beeswax can be delivered to the Main Office.