for the PWHS Class of 2022


Portland Waldorf High School is offering two merit-based scholarships for applicants to the Class of 2022 for the 2017-18 school year. These scholarships will fund half of the tuition for all four years of high school provided the student remains in good standing according to the expectations of the scholarship. Scholarship applicants are also welcome to apply for additional need-based financial aid through our Tuition Adjustment program. Tuition adjustments may be available regardless of scholarship award, and if eligible, may be combined with the scholarship award for a greater discount.

Application Deadline: January 19, 2018
All scholarship applications (including complete application to PWHS) must be received by the deadline.

Group Interview: February 3, 2018
All scholarship applicants must be available for a group interview process on this day.

Goal of the Scholarship:
To attract students who demonstrate a balance of scholastic merit, community leadership, and understanding of and desire for Waldorf education.

Please contact Connie Vera at or (503) 654-2200 x221.

Why Waldorf?
Portland Waldorf High School offers highly academic, discovery-based learning that captures the interest of adolescents through experiential projects, field trips, outdoor education, arts, movement, foreign exchange, and more.  Every student participates in all parts of the education, so our graduates are well-rounded, self-aware and unafraid of new challenges.  In addition, our class sizes are small and teachers value the opportunity to get to know every student as an individual and build upon that relationship over four years. Now in our seventeenth year, Portland Waldorf High School sends 90% of its graduates to a wide variety of prestigious colleges and rewarding careers.

Does Waldorf Prepare Students for College?
YES! PWHS has just graduated its 14th senior class, and over these years we have shown that:

  • 90% of our graduates go directly to college.
  • 90% get into their first choice college.
  • Scholarships (partial and full-ride) are regularly awarded to our graduates.
  • Our SAT scores have been above the state and national average.
  • The one to three graduates who don’t go directly to college usually participate in a gap year of foreign travel or employment to save for college.
  • Our graduates have been accepted to a long list of high quality colleges ranging from small liberal arts colleges to large state universities.
  • Reflective of our well-rounded education and emphasis on finding one’s unique purpose in life, our graduates pursue majors and careers in a wide range of subjects: biological anthropology, neuroscience & technology, social science, political science, chiropractic care, chemistry, film, biology, Musician, Organic Farmer, Grant Writer, Artist, Wilderness Guide, Architect, Quality Control Specialist in semi-conductor industry, Community Organizer, Interior Designer, Peace Corps volunteer, Communications Manager, Clothing Designer, Teacher, Writer, Restaurant Owner, etc.
  • See our High School Newsletter for more examples of the high school curriculum and alumni stories.