Each year, PWHS 12th Grade students create self-portraits as part of their senior art classes. They choose media ranging from oil pastel to encaustic, textiles to clay. Some students reflect their own faces, while others represent themselves through other images. Their work reflects their creativity, thoughtfulness and sense of self. Some students return to a known medium to deepen their skill, while others explore new materials.

In the Waldorf curriculum the 12th Grade is a time of self-reflection. In all of the self-portraits, the theme of senior year is visible. Students are asked to ponder deeply the question of identity:

“Who am I? What is my place in the world?”

The self-portrait emerges in response to these questions.

Alden Baartz Bowman

Gouache on canvas

Piet Fretz

“Boy with Coat”
Oil on canvas

Kai Givens

Wood, copper, cloth, glue, varnish, oil

Lily Jack-Goulart

“A Visual Timeline of Lily Jack-Goulart’s Life”
Silk-blend fabric, watercolor, cardstock, photographs

Maia Lanoff-Smith

Oil paint and pastel on board

Riley Layton

“The Pauses”
Oil on canvas

Lily Lohmann

Acrylic on canvas

Keali McCarter

“The Eyes of a Photographer”
Graphite on paper, color photographs

Robby Mottern

Acrylic on canvas / Graphite on paper

Jaden Peters

Oil on pastel, chalk and pastel on paper

Joey Renzema

Wood, aluminum

Elena Saeger

“Journey: Hesitation | New Light | Opening
Acrylic on canvas

Erin Silverman

“Out of Her Head | Space Cadet | Fine | Insecure”
Acrylic paint, marker, pencil on canvas

Caidan Speth-McCrary

“Top Dog”
Clay, fabric, hair

Nico Stovall

“Self Portrait”
Conte crayon and pastel on paper

Xinyang Mia Tong

Acrylic paint, marker on canvas

Phuong Tran

Acrylic on canvas

Timothy Walker

“Pixelate Me”
Acrylic on canvas

Serina Xu

Acrylic on canvas