The Senior Project is an eight month opportunity for students to explore the question: How can my interests and strengths be manifest in the world in a way that is fulfilling for me and benefits the world? To answer this question, each senior undertakes an independent research project, consults with a mentor who is a professional in their field of interest, and do hands-on activities that allow them to explore and create their answer to this life-long question. Seniors strengthen skills that last a lifetime—including the ability to think for themselves and work on their own. Examples this year include everything from qualifying for a pilot’s license to game design to an investigation of abortion and women’s rights.

Join the Class of 2020 as they share what they’ve learned and celebrate this tremendous 12th grade milestone.

FRIDAY, MARCH 6, 6:00–8:30PM

6:00–6:20  Erin Silverman – Experimenting with different mediums in art

6:20–6:40  Riley Layton – Volunteering and social justice

6:40–7:00  Nico Stovall – Cooking

7:00–7:20  Joey Renzema – Rehabilitating a car

7:20–7:40  Mia Tong – Multiculturalism

7:40–8:00  Ke’ali McCarter – Nutrition and how it relates to Athletics

8:00–8:20  Jaden Peters – Audio manipulation



9:30–9:50  Maia Lanoff-Smith – Designing a tiny home

9:50-10:10  Serina Xu – Game Design – Story, Characters & Artwork

10:10-10:30  Caidan Speth-McCrary – Visual Replacement

10:30-10:50  Robby Mottern – Removing garbage and plastic from the environment

10:50-11:10  Elena Saeger – Abortion and women’s rights

11:10- 11:30  Lily Lohman – Making a graphic novel

11:30-11:50 Alden Bartz-Bowman – obtaining a pilot’s license

11:50-12:20  Break

12:20-12:40  Piet Fretz – Diabetes

12:40-1:00  Lily Jack-Goulart – making a documentary

1:00-1:20  Phuong Tran – Acupuncture and Chinese medicine

1:20-1:40  Timothy Walker – Building a home theatre media PC

1:40-2:00  Kai Givens – Sailing