Grade 4 participated in a Trade Blanket activity in which each student contributed something hand made (or made by nature) that was meaningful to them. This practice is deeply community oriented, and requires a great amount of respect for each other. The students shook hands to confirm when each trade was complete.

Grade 8 sorted through Monday’s trash and recycling in order to determine what percentage of items were placed in the proper containers. We will share the full results when all the numbers are tallied. In the meanwhile, in the interest of our waste reduction goals of the year, please consider carrying reusable cups when buying beverages in order to reduce a significant amount of garbage from our waste stream.

Next Wed, October 11 we are looking for volunteers to help demolish the concrete slab in the spring area. Many hands will make light work (well, it will be heavy work, but it will take proportionally less time the more volunteers we have). If you can come early for pick up (1pm), and/or stay a little after after pick up (until 5pm), the bulk of the work will get done. Please email Kelly Hogan if you can offer your help for any portion of that time. Many thanks!