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Interested in learning more about Waldorf education?

From the other side of Portland to the other side of the world, schools, communities and news media are exploring the impact of Waldorf education. Articles and videos abound, but we’ve collected some of our favorites below.

For a wealth of information about Waldorf education, Rudolf Steiner, and anthroposophy, be sure to visit the website for the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) at For information specific to early childhood education, visit the website for Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America (WECAN) at

“Essentials In Education”

“What on Earth is Eurythmy?”


“Waldorf Graduates in the World”
Research Institute for Waldorf Education, AWSNA

“Germany Is Taking Away Kindergarteners’ Toys to Curb Future Addiction”
Sara Zaske, The Atlantic, 3/28/2017.

“Resist the Internet”
Ross Douthat, New York Times, 3/11/2017.

“Four Phases of Teenage Development Reflected in the Waldorf High School Curriculum”
Douglas Gerwin, Waldorf Publications, 6/8/2015

“Scientists Say Child’s Play Helps Build a Better Brain”
Jon Hamilton, NPR, 8/6/2014.

“Knitting Is More Important Than Homework”
Mara Menachem, Huffington Post, 7/18/2013.

“Why the Ritalin Debate is Asking the Wrong Question: Healing Our Kids’ Soul Fever with Simplicity”
Kim John Payne, Huffington Post, 3/2/2012

“Math and Science in the Kindergarten”
Lisa Gromicko, Lifeways North America Newsletter, Winter 2011.

“A Silicon Valley School That Doesn’t Compute”
Matt Richtel, New York Times, 10/22/2011.

“Is Waldorf Education Christian?”
William Ward, Renewal, Volume 10, Number 1, Spring-Summer 2001.