After nearly eight weeks of stay at home orders and distance learning, I know we are all missing the warmth of human connection – the bright smiles and laughter of the children, the conversations and hugs with each other. When I reflect on what I miss about coming to campus, one thing that comes to mind is the warmth and beauty of our Spring Creek Store. felted owlThis past fall, I sat around the table sharing coffee and muffins with new friends while joyfully creating my first wet and dry needle felt project. Through the loving guidance of Miss Yvonne, I was able to create a little owl who holds a treasured space in my heart and my home.

In this challenging time when we are apart, we are constantly seeking out ways in which we can join together and experience more of that connection we crave. With this in mind— I invite you to join Miss Yvonne and me in participating in a continental paper star-making project. Inspired by Denver Waldorf School, we join with other Waldorf schools across North America in creating simple paper stars that can be hung in your windows providing color, beauty and joy. Miss Yvonne shared this with our families in our weekly bulletin and inspired some early participants. So far families from Rose kindergarten and Grade 4 have already joined the fun!

window starWhen my children were young, we particularly enjoyed making paper window stars together. At that time, we lived in Florida where the nearest Waldorf school was a three hour drive away. So, we spent many years as a Waldorf-inspired homeschooling family, often feeling quite alone in our love for Waldorf education. Over the years and through our travels, my now adult children and I would spot a paper star in someone’s window and immediately smile in recognition. “Look! They must be a Waldorf family” is what would emerge from the person who spotted the paper star first. How special for something so simple to spark immediate joy and inspire a sense of connection.

I hold this memory in my heart as I join this continental community effort to create a simple connection with our PWS community and the greater Waldorf community across North America. Won’t you join me? You can find star-making supplies at our own Spring Creek Store’s new online shop. While this is a fun project to share with your children, why not share with friends too? Perhaps a virtual coffee among friends as you fold your paper stars together? We can share some warmth and beauty in community, until we can gather over coffee and muffins in person again.

You can find your star-making instructions here.  If you make a star, please send me a photo! I’ll be sharing a photo album with our community’s creations in our weekly bulletin and on our social media pages on May 22. I look forward to seeing all your color and beauty!

With warmth and heart,

Kathryn Foubister, Community Development Director