Johanna HibbardIt is with great joy that we announce our First Grade Class Teacher for the 2017-18 school year:
Johanna Hibbard.

Johanna joins our faculty with over ten years of teaching experience and a lifelong appreciation for the wonder and magic that can be perceived, especially by children, in the natural world and in human communities. She began her pursuit of observation and wonder through film studies, falling in love with Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini in high school, then going on to earn a BA in Romance Languages, an MA in Media Studies from the New School in New York, and an MFA in Film and Video from the University of Iowa. She worked as a filmmaker and was an Associate Professor of Media Arts at Pacific University for seven years before discovering Waldorf education for her family.

Moved by the depth of the curriculum and view of human development, and inspired by a desire to contribute to her community in a more meaningful way, Johanna pursued her study of anthroposophy and Waldorf education at Antioch University of New England, where she received her Waldorf Teacher Certification to teach in the grades. She has also completed two early childhood intensives through the Micha-el Institute and Rudolf Steiner College. After years of teaching at the university level, Johanna expresses a strong appreciation for the balanced engagement in Waldorf education of the head, heart and hands; and for the compassion and spirituality she sees inherent in the curriculum and community.

She also brings to our community the gift of languages (she speaks Italian, French, and Spanish!), a multifaceted understanding of Waldorf schools both as a parent and an educator, and the desire and commitment to guide children through a living education that prepares them to navigate the world in a healthy, positive way. We are pleased to welcome her to PWS, and confident that her rich background and profound thoughtfulness will serve her students well on their journey through the grades.