During Project Week, a group of high school students built a Wishing Well in the spring area. Under Tom Myers’ guidance, they used cobblestones to build the walls and then designed and welded a metal cover, which is not yet installed as there is one final step in the process before completion. The early childhood students watched the progress all week and are saving their wishes to put into the well when the work is done. A new patio will be laid by DeSantis Landscaping before the new year, reviving the spring area as a lovely gathering space for reflection, inspiration, contemplation, and interaction with the element of water.

A special thanks to Matt Malmsheimer for doing the woodwork and shelving in the hearth countertop area last week! Next time you are in the courtyard, please admire his beautiful craftsmanship. Timothy Kennedy has already cut the plywood that will support the stainless steel countertop. The welding of the countertop will be doneĀ in early 2018 by Wibke Fretz and senior Jalen DeSantis, who is studying welding as part of his senior project. Please extend your appreciation to these volunteers who are making the final steps of this project possible.