7th Grade Grammar
Mrs. Berg (Grade 7) created a grammar lesson using the photos from the wildlife camera on Mt. Hood that they visited last year. The students created speech bubbles for each photograph, and wrote a paragraph using the quotes they created for each animal as a dialogue. In so doing, they learned all about quotation marks and appropriate punctuation and capitalization when writing a conversation. Here is a clip of the internal dialogue of a deer written by Ezra Cohen:

“Through the forest wanders the deer. Suddenly up jerks his head. “What are those unusual smells?” he questions. Slowly and carefully he walks forward. “I know that one of them smells like chicken,” he says to himself, “But what is the other one?” Ahead of him, a fox creeps by. Then the deer steps into a clearing, nearly tripping over a log. “That smell is fox urine!” he exclaims regaining his feet and realizing that the fox had smelled like that.

Progress at the spring!
Demolition work begins in the spring area this week! Feel free to walk by to see the progress, and please help us keep everyone safe by looking from a distance.