Wood SorrelPlant of the Week: Wood Sorrel
In the family Oxalidaceae, the small heart-shaped, “folded” leaves grow in groups of 3. The tiny flowers are typically white or yellow though they can be pink or violet depending on species. What color are the flowers on the wood sorrel growing on our campus?

Sustainability Challenge of the Month: Conserve water
As we get closer to the dryer season of the year in Oregon, it is a good time to consider ways to conserve water. We are so fortunate to often feel so rich with this resource, however, we can acknowledge how precious this resource really is by taking good care to reduce, reuse and creatively source as much of our water as possible. Though it would take a large cistern to save enough to water a garden throughout the summer, smaller rain barrels are helpful for shorter dry spells, such as the one that is currently upon us.

What’s Happening on Campus?
A group of 7th grade students is conducting a water audit as the next step in our Oregon Green School certification process.  In combination with the waste audit done last fall, and the energy and equity audits that will be completed by 10th grade students this spring, we are generating a comprehensive picture of steps our community can take toward furthering our current conservation efforts.

Tuesday Living Lab
Join the Living Lab Tuesday morning after drop off (8:30) to break ground on the Hearth project in the courtyard!  We will be digging post holes and scraping bark off of the cedar log posts. Many hands make light work – we will greatly appreciate your presence!


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