So much has happened this year with the LivingLAB! Read on for a review of the exciting activities that students from kindergarten through high school were engaged in this fall.

Early Childhood has been baking bread in the oven weekly, gathering kindling for the hearth and helped inoculate logs with mushroom spawn.

Grade 1 has beautifully tended the flower garden, harvesting amaranth seeds for porridge and calendula flowers for a dye project.

Grade 2 made salve with calendula flowers and processed the acorns from their math class into baking flour.

Grade 3 has been discovering how many edible plants we have growing on campus. In collaboration with Cedarwood’s third grade, they have been tending the annual gardens and baking in the oven.

Grade 4 has been sending students out to help with Tuesday morning LivingLAB land projects such as apple harvesting and inoculating logs with mushroom spawn. They are also learning to make cordage out of nettles.

Grade 5 has been learning about and working hard in the food forest, tending to the paths, weeding and lovingly putting native plants, seeds and bulbs into the ground.

Grade 6 learned about different types of soil, planted an elderberry tree and fired clay pots in the barrel oven fireplace.

Grade 7 will be engaging in LivingLAB projects this spring. The will tend to the pollinator hotel and the pollinator garden.

Grade 8 studied about bioswales, used the weather station during their meteorology block, and improved pizza lunch day by reducing waste and adding a nutritious side salad option – complete with seasonal items from campus.

Grade 9 will have LivingLAB-specific class this spring. This fall, project week offered various options for engaging with LivingLAB-related projects, such as the bike roof, cooking, and designing menus and a land-use plan for a desired student-led food cart.

Grade 10 built a gravity-powered ram pump as an introduction to their Ancient History block. Once the ram pump is installed, it will transfer water from Spring Creek to the food forest.

Grade 11 roasted chestnuts in the oven for their Roman History block and learned about herbal medicine in the Middle Ages.  They identified healing herbs that are growing on our campus.

Grade 12 build models of survival shelters to open their History of Architecture block.  Then they learned about architecture through the ages and closed the block with a lesson on permaculture design ethics and principles.

We have also welcomed many plants to our campus this year, including huckleberry, elderberry, nootka rose, mock orange, serviceberry, linden, mullein and nettle.

There is much more to come this winter and spring! Have a very cozy and happy holiday season. We hope to see you at the storytelling event…

Join us for a story!daughter-of-the-sun
On Wednesday, January 4 at 6pm, Ms. Kelly will be doing a fireside reading of a Mayan tale called “The Disobedience of the Daughter of the Sun” as written by Martin Prechtel. The story is appropriate for ages 10 and up and will last about an hour. Please bring comfortable chairs and blankets, dress warmly and feel free to bring a thermos of tea or hot soup.


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