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Looking for an overview of community events and festivals? Check out the Year-at-a-Glance available on this page.


Looking for more detailed information about class plays, meetings, or field trips? Want to download All School Events or your highs school student’s Assignment calendar? Current parents can access up-to-date information and download calendar feeds to a calendar app through their Veracross Parent Portal.


Looking just at High School? HS students and parents should know about all the information (including schedules, news, and events) available on the High School Resources WordPress site.


Have questions about scheduling? Talk to your student’s teacher, or give us a call: 503-654-2200.

Latest Blog Posts

Living Lab Autumn Updates

Autumn is a busy time for LivingLAB! Here’s some  of things that have been happening in LivingLAB this past week: Grade 5 did a plant dye project with Hopi Black Dye sunflower seeds. Grade 6 fired clay pots as part of a geology lesson on soil types. While the...

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Celebrations in the LivingLAB

This week in LivingLAB we have two things to celebrate: a healthy beehive and an abundance of squash:   A Healthy Beehive         Our beekeeper, Brian Lacy, came to check on the beehive with 5th graders during their LivingLAB activity time...

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