Tuition Adjustment

Portland Waldorf School is pleased to offer tuition adjustments to over 30% of our families.

Tuition adjustments (TA) are based on demonstrated need. Once a TA application is submitted by a family, TADS (Tuition Aid Data Service) recommends a possible TA award to PWS. Our office then reviews the award to ensure that it meets our TA program parameters. Early childhood students enrolled in two- or three-day programs are not eligible for TA. For early childhood students enrolled in a five-day program, awards range from 0-25% of full tuition. For students in grades 1-8, awards range from 0-50% of full tuition. For high school students, awards range from 0-70% of full tuition.

At the link above, each custodial parent or guardian household must submit a TADS application to verify their Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) and other financial resources.

For returning families,

the application deadline for a tuition adjustment for the 2019-20 school year is Monday, January 28, 2019. Applications will be accepted after this date; however, available funds will be limited.

Please note that TA awards are calculated for one year only – returning families will need to reapply each year.

For prospective families,

tuition adjustment applications can be completed at any time during the admissions process. Once your TADS application is complete and the student(s) have received an acceptance letter from the Admissions Office, your TA request will be reviewed to determine your award. You will receive notification via email from TADS which will include links to your award information and tuition contract.

Please note that your tuition contract and any supplementary agreements must be completed and signed before the student’s first day of school.

Learn More about TA

The Tuition Adjustment program assists in the overall health and growth of PWS by seeking to balance the economic needs of the family with the economic needs of the school. Tuition contribution amounts are adjusted for families for whom the current tuition amount would be a significant financial hardship, and amounts granted are based on a family’s ability to pay by considering all funds available to the family outside of core cost-of-living expenses.

Application to the TA program is an annual process, and awards are made based on family need, balanced with needs of other families and with the resources that PWS currently has available.

Admission decisions are made independently of decisions to award a tuition adjustment. Student admission is determined by the class teacher and Admissions office prior to TA review. The TA Committee reviews family requests only after the student(s) have been admitted to PWS.

The tuition adjustment amount is based on a number of factors including PWS resources and need demonstrated by TA-participating families, as well as annual family income, savings, property holdings, investments, and family size. Applying is much like applying for a bank loan or a home mortgage. You need to submit all of the documents that provide an accurate summary of your family finances. Eligibility cannot be determined unless you provide all requested information. If there are two households involved, each household needs to apply.

We cannot provide an estimate of a TA adjustment prior to completion of the process; however, we encourage all families for whom tuition is a hardship to apply as early as possible as we earnestly work to meet the need of each family.

PWS does not receive funds from the government, TADS, or other outside sources. Tuition Adjustment funding is drawn from a percentage of the school’s operating budget.

Divorced or separated families: the Tuition Adjustment program requires all custodial parents or guardians to submit financial information to TADS so that we have a full picture of the resources that support the financial needs of the student and family. Parents or guardians may decide to apply separately or jointly.

The Tuition Adjustment process is held in strict confidence and with a deep respect for privacy and understanding of each individual family’s striving to contribute the highest amount that they are able. Tuition contracts are considered confidential agreements.

Tuition Adjustment applications are only reviewed when all balances and fees are current. Please speak with the Business Office if your account is past due.

PWS fees, tuition deposits, and other class costs are collected in addition to the adjusted tuition amount, and families will need to budget for these annually. Information about these costs can be found on the Tuition & Fees page.